Signs That You Are Living A Hedonistic Lifestyle

Signs That You Are Living A Hedonistic Lifestyle
Signs That You Are Living A Hedonistic Lifestyle

Hedonistic lifestyle comes from the Greek word ‘hedone’, which means pleasure. People who live this lifestyle believe that pleasure and self-satisfaction should be the goals of life. They will find unlimited pleasure to avoid troublesome and unpleasant things.

Hedonism is often related to those who love shopping. But actually, there are other signs of hedonism, here they are.

Love Shopping Too Much

This is probably the most visible sign of hedonism. People who live a hedonistic lifestyle love to buy things that they don’t really need. Because they think that pleasure is way more important than needs. So, they always shop for things even though they don’t need them. Hedonistic people don’t really think about the use of the items that they buy or if they really need the items or not.

They just want to shop and buy things. Some even suffer from debts that they can hardly repay because they shop too much.

Treating Friends with Borrowed Money

There is nothing wrong with spending some amount of money treating friends for good food, as long as you don’t do it most of the time. The problem is if you always want to treat your friends because it is a sign of hedonism. Hedonistic people are even willing to borrow money to treat their friends, like buying them food or stuff.


Hedonistic people create joy by spending their money to satisfy themselves. For example, they always eat fancy, expensive food, treat friends, shop for things they don’t need, and so on. This excessive consumptive behaviour is only based on desire, not their daily needs. They spend money for something unimportant because they feel joy just by spending their money.

This can lead to financial issues. Some can even face debts that they cannot repay because they cannot resist their lavish lifestyle.

Giving Excessive Accessories to Pets

If you have a pet, you surely have the responsibility to take care of them properly, such as feeding them and bringing them to a vet when necessary. It is also reasonable to dress your pet up by giving them clothes and accessories. But the problem is when you give too many accessories to your pet, dressing them up too much. Believe it or not, this is a sign of a hedonistic lifestyle.

Those are the signs of you a hedonistic lifestyle. If you think you are a hedonistic person, it is better to see a psychologist as this lifestyle can lead to financial problems, which is surely not good.

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