Lifestyle, What It Is and Types of Way of Living You Can Find Today

Lifestyle, What It Is and Types of Way of Living You Can Find Today
Lifestyle, What It Is and Types of Way of Living You Can Find Today

What kind of lifestyle do you use? This question might be asked by someone to you at least once in your lifetime. It sounds simple, but many people have problems answering the question about their life style. So, let’s learn more about life style, its type, and other things that you might never know before.

What Is Lifestyle?

To start it out, you should know what lifestyle is. Lifestyle is the way you spend your time and age, which mostly is affected by various factors. Some factors like environment, culture, habits, friends, and principles have a big effect on the way you spend your life.

Therefore, you can find the good and bad lifestyle in this world. The good one mostly happens because it is affected by good culture, habits, and other elements around that person. As for the bad lifestyle, it comes from bad things that happen around them.

Types of Lifestyle

Interestingly, those affecting factors create different and unique lifestyles. Surprisingly, that unique lifestyle also enriches many factors that affect it at the beginning. It has become a cycle that keeps changing, especially when that kind of lifestyle has spread widely.

Here are some examples of different types of lifestyle:


We can describe the spartan lifestyle in three words, resilient, passionate, and gritty. People with this lifestyle throw away many easy things and be stricter. The goal is to reach perfection and improve their life. Therefore, many people see it as too hard to follow, especially when you have no determination.


The hedonistic lifestyle is similar, yet different from the Spartan lifestyle. Both of them aim for perfection and happiness. However, hedonists tend to be consumptive.

People with this lifestyle think that the more they have or consume, the more they are happy. They tend to avoid pain, which is the opposite of the Spartan life style. They focus only on pleasure, which makes them seem lazy and egoistic from the outside.


As its name implies, a lavish lifestyle is an extravagant way of living. People with this lifestyle tend to spend more on high-value items. They feel satisfaction from compliments from others regarding their possession.

However, a lavish lifestyle also can be considered a good lifestyle, if you see it from a different perspective. People also call it when a person feels grateful for everything they have in their life, regardless of how small it is. This bountiful feeling is what makes this lifestyle sound good to try.


Living a nomadic lifestyle means living without a fixed house. You move from one place to another, while keeping making income, either by working remotely or working in every place you visit. We call people with this lifestyle, a nomad.

Being a nomad doesn’t mean they are homeless. We found many examples where a nomad owns a property. But, they choose to live in their vehicle and move from place to place to experience new things. They love the freedom they feel in this lifestyle.


A rural or suburban area is an area that is far from the massive and fast development of the urban or city area. Mostly, people see it as a peaceful area that is far from the stressful routine you can only find in a big city. It is an escape destination from crowds and problems. That is also the goal of this life style.

The rural lifestyle aims to minimize the contact with the development and busy you can only find in the city. Many people on their retirement day choose this life style to get a peaceful life. They just want to rest and not deal with the hells called city life.


Transient means not permanent or everlasting. Therefore, we also can describe a transient lifestyle similar to a nomadic. In most cases, it is related to where you live.

However, the transient way of living is not as nomadic as a nomad. You might move once every couple of months or every year. Businessmen who spend a lot of time traveling from country to country to deal with their business are the best example of this lifestyle.


This lifestyle is affected a lot by American culture and way of living. However, people call a person with a western lifestyleliving like many Americans today. The Western life style is related a lot to the old American life style or cowboy life style.

You can find many people living ala cowboy today. They ride horses, have huge farms, carry pistols, wear cowboy hats, and many other examples. Some choose it as their way of living, while others try it as a medium of recreation.


People often describe people with a hectic as those who work all along without enough time to spend on their personal lives. Therefore, this lifestyle has many connotations for people who are unable to balance their work and life.

They lack love from those surrounding them and tend to be alone because they are too busy with their job to start a relationship. Unfortunately, many people have this life style today, especially with stricter work competition today.


The development of digital technology these days is unbelievable. We can say that almost every aspect of our life has been digitized. Therefore, digital technology has become an inseparable part of modern people’s lives.

A digital life style is an alternative lifestyle that relies on digital technology. In the worst case, people with a digital life style even love spending their time in the digital world rather than in the real world. Therefore, they have no interest in social life with other real people.


Those are several ways of living in the modern era. Many of them are considered bad living styles, but you might take the positive trait of that life style and use it in your life style. The goal is to make your life happier, healthier, and fuller with love and happiness. After all, you only have one life you can spend with the lifestyleof your choice.

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