The Best Financial Advisors You Can Choose for Your Starting Business

The Best Financial Advisors You Can Choose for Your Starting Business
The Best Financial Advisors You Can Choose for Your Starting Business

Starting a business is exciting but at the same time can be really exhausting, even terrifying. You have to pay attention to a lot of small details, and doing it alone can be foolish. You can rely on financial advisors to help you build your business and help it grow. These are the best financial advisors you can choose from.


This financial advisor is known for it slow-cost options plethora, but Vanguard is also offering various different options for a variety of clients. It offers you services on three different levels with the levels of minimum assets ranging from $50.000 – $5 million. These three level services are providing various investment options, automated tax-loss harvesting and personalized financial planning.

If you want to work with a dedicated advisor, Vanguard is a great choice for you. All the options provided by this financial advisor come with annual fees from 0.30 percent to 0.40 percent. As your assets grow, the fees will decline.


Unlike Vanguard that will charge you annually based on your asset levels, Facet is unique because they will charge you a flat fee based on your financial situation. Your range of fee will be between $2.000 to $8.000 annually.

Dedicated best financial advisors will work with you via video conference. They will help you with a variety of your financial issues like buying a house, saving for college, investments with digital banks like Novobank, insurance, estate planning, taxes, even retirement. Any one can signup since they don’t require investment minimums.

Edward Jones

If you prefer a traditional financial advisor, Edward Jones is the one for you. You can get started with just $5.000, but you will have to need $25.000 so that your advisor will manage a portfolio for you. The annual fees start at 1,35 percent and will decrease as your assets grow.


There are also alternatives in the world of financial advisors. You can also use robo-advisors rather than traditional financial advisors. Robo-advisors will use algorithms based on your goals and risk tolerance to build your portfolio. Both human and robo-advisors can help you deal with investment management but since human advisors will offer you a deeper relationship and greater number of services, they will cost more.

There you go, the best financial advisors to help you start your business and help it grow. Goodluck!

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