Features of Atom Finance

Features of Atom Finance
Features of Atom Finance

Have you ever heard of Atom Finance? It is a paid subscription service providing advanced data as well as research tools that synchronize with brokerage platforms. Like a financial advisor, it is helpful for investors who are not satisfied with the rate of research that their broker provides and the ones who actively manage their portfolios. Below are the features of Atom Finance.

Investment Portfolio Tracker

Atom makes it possible for you to synchronize several investment accounts to provide real-time research and data across your whole portfolio. Even though account aggregation is a common feature that you can find in most other investment tracking apps, Atom helps you with several things that many tools cannot.

For instance, you can compare the total portfolio returns to stock market benchmarks, such as Russel 2K, Nasdaq, S&P 500, and DJA. It is also possible for you to see aggregate holdings of your portfolio so that you can have insights into each asset you have. If you have investments in ETFs and mutual funds, you can take advantage of their Fund Lookthrough tool to see individual positions.

Stock Screener

Atom Finance’s stock screener is user friendly. You can use it to assist you find new opportunities of investment based on key metrics. You can even add filters, allowing you to sort by some criteria. For an additional sorting level, Atom allows you to create hubs within the stocks added to your watchlist.

This way, you can sort stocks into categories. Within a hub, then, you will get combined reports, analysis, and news about upcoming events, as well as real-time data for the entire sub-category in one place.


Atom also functions as a financial research search engine that helps you to search specific terms in various documents, like SEC filings, investor presentations and documents, event transcripts, and news. Moreover, it is also possible for you to get alerts any time your chosen specific keywords are mentioned in certain documents.


Under the Sandbox tab, you can model different assumptions about certain stocks. Atom allows you to use analysts’ assumptions about key metrics, such as P/E ratio so that you can have predictions about price changes in the future of particular stocks. You can also use your own assumptions.

As an example, you can model what the implied price change will be if the growth is at 10 percent year-over-year compared to a 7 percent prediction.

Those are the features of Atom Finance. Go to their official website for further information.

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